$250.00 Sold Out

(UPDATE: Originally, 50% of the proceeds of this sale was going to be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota. Since the listing of this item, the ACLU of Minnesota has received excessive donations and have asked for contributions to be sent elsewhere. Now, 50% of the proceeds of this sale will be donated to Summer of Solutions Hartford, which is a youth urban gardening program based in Hartford.)

This jacket features a handmade chenille texture made with four layers of denim on the chest, and three layers on the sleeve detail. The panels of denim were bleached before construction. Due to variation in the level of synthetics in the denim, and the level of wear, the bleach reacted differently creating a variety of subtle tones. This is a stand-out piece of classic Americana reimagined with textile arts.

The fit is similar to a standard denim jacket. On this jacket, the waist is slightly raised and the sleeves are slightly longer. For more specific measurements or other fit questions, please contact BUSHLAND via email or any social media.

This jacket is made of over 95% recycled materials. The non-recycled materials include the thread, the tag, and the buttons. This jacket was also created using bleach. Bleach is generally considered safe for the environment if disposed of properly. However, small particles from the breakdown of the fabric can enter the water system and still effect the environment. BUSHLAND will be exploring hydrogen peroxide as a safer alternative in the future. For now, please be aware of the environmental impact of this product.