The chenille trucker jacket, evolved with natural tones and new details:

2 new side pockets
3 new interior pockets
Refined chest pocket flaps
Rolled "seamless" bottom hem
Raw collar
Simplified back
Overlock stitch interior seams

Constructed of three layers of denim on the front, this fabric was bleached and then naturally dyed with black walnuts. Some of the blue tones still remain - but most of the denim dyed into comfortable tans and beiges.

Sewn & dyed in-house.

One inspiration for the MY KINDLING collection is mud - this color is closest to dried mud. Unlike the clean white chenille, this can be worn in the dirt - and any staining will only add to the natural coloration.

This jacket is made of over 95% reclaimed materials. The non-reclaimed materials include the thread, the tag, and the buttons. This jacket was also created using bleach. Bleach is generally considered safe for the environment if disposed of properly. However, small particles from the breakdown of the fabric can enter the water system and still effect the environment. BUSHLAND will be exploring hydrogen peroxide as a safer alternative in the future. For now, please be aware of the environmental impact of this product.

Fit: standard denim trucker jacket, cropped to the waistline with slightly longer arms.
Armpit to armpit: 22"
Sleeve (shoulder to wrist): 24 3/4"
Length (back hem to waist): 23"

Please email info@bushland.online or DM @bushlandcentury on Instagram with any questions.